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Submitting Your Design Submitting your artwork is SIMPLE, PAINLESS, and FREE! Once your design has been submitted, we will be happy to email proof templates back to you free of charge within 24 hours. Be sure to include shirt style, shirt color, placement of the design, and any other relevant information that might be helpful in creating an accurate proof. Do not hesitate to ask questions - we are here to help! ________________________________________ American LogoWearCall us at (954) 946-5252 to discuss your artwork and any changes, tweaks, or improvements that may be required. All it usually takes is a few minutes to figure out how best to get you exactly what you want. American LogoWearEmail your file directly to: American LogoWearFax Your Artwork to (954) 946-3202. Be sure to indicate shirt color and desired placement of design. Note: We accept files in all formats. Please send us your artwork in the highest resolution possible.